Cornwall Council Full Council meeting 24th January 2017

Check out this weeks full Council meeting at Cornwall Council. Our Labour Councillors were setting the agenda asking questions about local healthcare, housing and Brexit.

The closure of local community healthcare services under threat from the little known Sustainability and Transformation Plans or STP’s. Go to Cornelius Oliver questions under “Questions from Members” section.

Robert Webber raised a motion on local housing and the Council use of the Starter Homes Scheme. This scheme diverts money away from social housing and can be sold at a discounted rate without a local connection being required.

The lack of affordable housing is at crisis point in Cornwall but this scheme has the effect of creating a discounted housing accommodation scheme for anyone in the UK.

Tim Dwelly raised a motion on the big issue of economic development in Cornwall, post Brexit we want the decisions to be made by elected representatives and not an appointed unaccountable board.

Watch the full webcast here as skip to relevant items on the righthand side menu