Take Control of EU Funding after Brexit?

House of Commons Brexit Committee visited Cornwall with Committee Chairman Labour MP Hiliary Benn leading the delegation.

Independent Councillor John Pollard Leader of the Council was putting a positive spin on a post Brexit Cornwall talking about “potential” risks and “opportunities”

 “Cornwall delivered a clear message about the work it has been doing to make the most of the opportunities post Brexit and the actions the Government needs to take to help minimise potential risks.”

Councillor Pollard seems to be ignoring the real risks to Cornish business from leaving the single market, immigration needed for seasonal agriculture and loosing the legal protection of Cornish brands.

But it is the the Council’s plans for replacing the EU funding that is most worrying. With 900 million pounds invested in the area and 416 million to be spent up to 2020. Where is that money going to come from now?

In the aftermath of the vote to leave the EU, leading leave supporters in Cornwall were promising that we could “Take Back Control” of the EU funding that Cornwall received because it is one of the poorest areas in Europe.

So the statement from Kate Kennally is really cause for concern. Now it appears that Cornwall Council are not even going to attempt to regain that funding from Westminster instead preferring to saddle us with billions of pounds worth of debt in loans.

We do not want a grant dependent Cornwall” added Chief Executive Kate Kennally.  “This is not about arguing for a continuation of what has been – this is about creating a bespoke way of working with a mixture of loans and investment bonds which can be used to invest in our infrastructure and grow our businesses”.

Remember the 350 million pound a week we send to the EU? Well surprise, surprise it looks like none of that is coming back to Cornwall and the Council is getting it’s credit card out.

Brexit is happening, but we cannot trust Cornwall Council to make a good deal for the people of Cornwall.