Transport for 16-19 year olds going to school or college cut?

Young people required by law to be engaged in education, employment or training up to the age of 18.

Cornwall Council is required to provide Primary and secondary aged pupils up to the end of Year 11 free transport to school. But after the age of 16 this stops.

There is no requirement to provide transport to school or college even thought they are required by law to attend.

The Council’s currently provides subsidised post-16 transport scheme as a “discretionary provision” so it is ready to be cut.

All learners who live more than three miles from the establishment they are attending would be able to purchase a pass for the core route of their choice, regardless of whether it is the nearest establishment to them, but would need to make their own travel arrangements to the nearest pick-up point.

The cost of a pass would increase to £600 per academic year.

Link taxi/minibus transport would no longer be provided where a learner lives more than five miles from a pick up point or where core bus routes are not available.

That means that anyone wishing to go to Bodmin College or further afield to get a good education on a course they are happy with are left to make their own way.

5 miles from Delabole

Even those that do qualify for a pass with have to muster up an increase from £400 to over £600.

This is just another example of the lack of priority our young people have in Cornwall Council decisions and completely fails to recognise the lack of public transport and difficulty for families who do not have a car or already have long commutes to work.

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