Labour Conference 2017

My first Labour conference in Brighton was, as people told me it would be, great fun and provided plenty of opportunities for selfies with epic Labour people.

Starting with Women’s conference on the Saturday, after a rousing chants of “We are all Phenomenal Women” from Dawn Butler; it was Emily Thornbury who held the room with her confidence, gags and call to arms to get into Government. What a different world standing we would have if we had a Foreign Secretary to be proud of.

Away from the hall, the fringe events were great for getting into Labour policy detail and finding out about campaigns that are off the public agenda. I especially impressed with a Fabian event on diversity whose panel included Diane Abbott, Owen Jones and David Lammy. The depth of knowledge on social exclusion and passion to fight for people to get better outcomes is incredible.

Conference is definitely a great place to network and I every Labour MP I talked to was very approachable, and generous with their time. How Labour does politics always ready to listen, not matter who you are.

The conference rounded off with Jeremy Corbyn’s statesmanlike speech which really showed we are a Government in waiting.