Have your say on coastal communities

The UK is an island with over 7000 miles of coastline but for too long UK policy makers of all colours have concentrated on the big inland urban cities and coastal communities have been ignored.

Coastal towns have unique combination of issues of connectivity,  deprivation, seasonal workers, an ageing population plus empty tourist property.  It is no wonder that seaside areas are rated as one of the highest areas for inequality. 

To help address this, Labour have launched a consultation “What does the future look like for our coastal communities?”

I believe it is important that as unique communities we have our own specific plan for development. It is no good replicating urban cities and repeating their mistakes. We have to take the best bits that fit in with our need to preserve the heritage and culture. Having a balance between recognising the beautiful landscape and natural beauty of the environment that attracts so many visitors and the practical reality of living in the areas all year round.

You can submit your ideas on how we do this here labour.org.uk/coastal-communities-consultation/