Meet Cerys

I have spent my career working in Local Government, charities and the third sector. I have been supporting communities to build and giving people a voice. This experience has given me an understanding of the operations of local government and how to get things done.

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As a lifelong Labour supporter; I joined the party as a member following moving to Cornwall in 2014. Having lived in Labour supporting areas throughout my life I can overwhelmingly see the benefits of having Labour in local government especially in opposing the Conservatives in national Government. I am passionate about changing minds in the South West to show that only Labour can provide solutions to local issues.

With low wages and poor infrastructure; this part of the world has found no benefits in years voting with opposing parties. I want to play my part in speaking to people about the challenges we face and showing by my hard work and dedication to the community, a vote for Labour can make a real difference.

I moved to be part in a unique and special part of the world. The dramatic coastline and spectacular beaches are where I can indulge my time in the great outdoors. More importantly, I want to see the South West develop and grow to improve our economy and provide homes people can afford and jobs with decent pay whilst keeping our cultural and historical heritage.