Royal Cornwall Hospital ‘fails to improve’

An  inspection of the Royal Cornwall Hospital has revealed services have not improved since last year. Read the full story here 

The Care Quality Commission said there had been “little sign of real improvement” and Cornwall deserved a “better service”.

The managed decline of our NHS has to stop and start to put our health first.



Guns holders to fight terrorism?

“Gun licence holders could be the solution to defending rural areas from terrorists. We’re a highly armed community” Read full story 

Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner, Alison Hernandez, told BBC Radio Cornwall today that gun licence holders could be the solution to defending rural areas from terrorists.

Really worrying intervention from Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez. Is this a realistic way of preventing terrorism or will an increase on people having access to firearms increase “access to means” and result in an more people committing suicide which is already a big problem in Cornwall?

From World Health Organisation report >

“With regard to poisoning and firearm suicide, preventive efforts are likely to have the greatest impact on the subgroup who carry out unplanned impulsive acts. Perhaps 20–30% of all suicides in industrialized countries belong to this subgroup and might be preventable” link 

As usual the Tories are suggesting the wrong solution to the wrong priority.

Labour GAIN and a hung parliament

Well, what a night!

From all the predictions of a landslide, The Tories have lost their unexpected majority gained in 2015 and now we face the prospect of months of further turmoil as we head into Brexit negotiations.

So much for strong and stable.

Here is the South West it was amazing to be part of a winning team in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport to get a Labour GAIN and I know that Luke Pollard with be a massive voice for the Region along with Ben Bradshawe. Read story here 

Here is a little round up of the work that went into polling day and the celebrations at the count! Watch video



General Election 2017

Over the last 6 weeks I have been working flat out in Plymouth speaking to voters and running digital media campaign to help the Luke Pollard elected as a new Labour MP for South West.

Luke will make a great MP and is already digital savvy but together with a great group of skilled volunteers we have taken it to the next level trying out innovative new ways of engaging with voters using video, Facebook live and Facebook Q&A and using instant messaging to talk directly to voters. Check out what we did here.

Our digital campaign slotted into the massive groundwork from every door we knocked, leaflet delivered, envelope stuffed to cup of tea made. Whatever happens on June 8 I am proud to be a part of the team!

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Police cuts are dangerous

The recent terror attacks have shocked the Country and Labour has been quite rightly asking questions about how cuts to police from Tories has impacted on the prevention and reaction to major incidents.  Cuts which were highlighted by the Police – see video here

In Cornwall we have been luck not to fall victim to these senseless attacks but routine policing is still feeling the impact of cuts as highlighted by a recent road traffic accident in Truro which Devon and Cornwall Police  took the unusual step of announcing to the media that they didn’t have enough resources to deal with.

We need to take these warnings seriously. Voting Labour on June 8 will mean an extra 10,000 police officers on top of the other manifesto commitments on defence and boarder controls it can turn the tide of what seems like an increasingly unstable and insecure world.


Meeting Richard Burgon

 It was great to meet Shadow Justice Secretary and Leeds East MP Richard Burgon as part of the local election campaigning speaking to voters.

Richard was in the South West to visit the Combined Counts and to inspire local Labour people with his message of bringing people together and speaking to our communities.

It is only by listening that we can get back into Government.

It was great seeing a Labour MP and the dedication and hard work they bring to public service.

About time we had a bit of that here in Cornwall! 


Reject Devonwall

The Boundary Commission has been asked by the Government to come up with money-saving proposals to reduce the number of MPs in the House of Commons.  The latest proposals, supported by the Government, will get rid of our North Cornwall Constituency to create a new constituency going over into Devon to incorporate Bideford.

This proposal has been made and roundly rejected in the past, but the Tories in contempt for Cornwall, support it. 

Of course the Tories have little respect for Cornish history or its people. When told there would be opposition to ditching the Tamar as a boundary David Cameron said, “It’s the Tamar not the Amazon for heaven’s sake.”  In 2014 Cornwall was granted minority status under European Framework Convention of National Minorities.  Respecting our ancient Cornish boundaries is an important part of respecting Cornwall and recognizing our minority status.

It’s not too late to do something about it. You can go on to the Boundary Commission web site and tell them why the proposed “Devonwall” is unacceptable. Click here to Tell the Boundary Commission what you think.